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Nov 10, 2012 7:00am PST
that no one likes with a brown face. that's still not going to work. latino voters vote policy. we do not vote for co-ethnic. >> i'm fascinating. interesting the difference between black and latino vote. it's a very rough parallel, but i think the relationship is about where the relationship of black voters was in 1964. >> that's right. >> the republican party was historically the home of black voters during reconstruction. the republicans nominated barry goldwater, lbj signed civil rights. the republican party learned we can never be anticivil rights. rich 5rd nixon was pro civil rights. it was the southern strategy, northern white ethnics, we're going to suddenly stoke reserchtment. >> crime. >> crime, welfare. >> remember that number. >> so the result is since 1964 there hasn't been an election where the democratic party got less than 80% of the black vote. yes, i think republicans are going to line up as a party against comprehensive immigration reform. that will be like the republicans after '64 saying we're for civil rights. the question is does the tone change the way it didn't with rep
Nov 11, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> i would also say he runs against scott brown for kerry's seat and then massachusetts can get itself another governor and we have that in play also. so there is deval patrick running against scott brown. >> it all comes to massachusetts once again. >> the two posts are who replaces lisa jackson and steven chu at energy. the president, i don't think the climate change bill is in the works. but the epa has big powers over coal and emission. it will be important. i don't know who is on the short list. >> definitely. not so much jackson, but chu you're excited to see leave because it became such a part of the discourse. >> geithner is critically important here. i assume he's going to stay through the fiscal cliff in order to just see that through. but again, that's going to be a really big appointment in terms of thinking about how is this president thinking about monetary policy going forward. any sense on that? >> they've said or hinted strongly that geithner will stay on through the fiscal cliff. god, i hate that term. through the negotiations over the tax cuts and the spending seques
Nov 4, 2012 7:00am PST
to put their ideals out there and compete for black and brown voters more efficiently. this is not the way to win national elections. our next segment talks about whether there are particular ways to target some of these groups like black and brown voters o p their radio. before we go, i want to say this. we in nerdland sincerely hope that we are not going to need to bring back this week in voter suppression as a segment after the election. but i promise you this, we will stay on the issue and if there are those out there trying to suppress your rights, we will report on it. i want to make a special mention of one of our own nerds. tracy curry has been the producer week in and week out putting together almost every voter suppression segment we have done on this show. tracy has been on top of every aspect of this story. sometimes producers don't get the credit that they deserve. today is tracy's birthday. feel free, #tracy happy birthday, nerdland. send her some love. she's been doing hard work on this week with voter suppression. up next, we're going to talk about radi
Nov 3, 2012 7:00am PDT
following hurricane katrina. none was more stunning than that of former fema chief, michael brown. so stunning i thought it deserved an open letter. dear michael, it is me, melissa. you won't mind if i call you bro brownie. i feel you have a few choice words for president obama about his response to hurricane sandy. you actually said, one thing he is gonna be asked is, why did he jump on the hurricane so quickly and go back to d.c. so quick? actually, no. no one is going to ask the president of the united states why he responded so quickly to an unprecedented weather event threatening millions. why? because while it is bad manners to show up early for a dinner party, it is a great idea to show up early to disaster response. i am a little taken aback that you don't already know this after you and your boss, wfrm"w fumbled the response to hurricane katrina. the report reads fema's efforts to support state emergency management and to repair the federal response and recovery were insufficient for an event of hurricane katrina's magnitude. your agency was described as overwhelmed the first
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am PST
brown makes promises and doesn't fulfill the promises. >> i will give you we don't end up in some fundamentally different economic circumstance in terms of unemployment. i think that's exactly why the stim laltive effect rather than the austerity measures are so important. if we listen to lee sanders from afscme. let's listen to the afscme president lee saunders. >> we're going to keep our members mobilized and organized in the different communities across the country. we're going into another campaign. we won the election but we're going into another campaign now. >> congressman meeks, that's right. win agelection is not staging a coup. everybody's got to work together and come to compromise as you pointed out. there have been some real wins and the folks on the left are saying yeah, we're going to stand on principle and the principle is stimulative effect to get the economy going, not austerity. >> the president has always said there are certain things we must invest in. you talk about investing in roads and infrastructure and education, those are things important to our country
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)